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Marcella Guerriero

I was there and let me tell you that Bill True and Dean Hyers are a breath of fresh air. Their presentation is so down-to-earth, so human. They cut right through all the pretense that can come with commerce. I've always felt that people talking business, especially show business, sometimes seem to switch off their humanity, hiding themselves behind facades of 'business-like' behavior or puffed up ego.

Bill and Dean dare to recognize it doesn't need to be that way and, frankly, it's better if we're more fully human in all our interactions-whether it's business or art. We don't need to compartmentalize or try to act our way through those important pitches. When we dare to meet whomever we encounter, even in business, as our authentic selves, everyone wins.

Thanks, guys. We look forward to seeing you again soon in Seattle.

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